DO you really want to encounter an exceptional PSE with me?? If so, book a session w/me at

I’ll be in :

Boston Oct 31-Nov 1
Seattle Nov 3-4
San Francisco Nov 7-8

13 thoughts on “TOUR SCHEDULE

  1. Ava, I love you! You are my all time favorite! Please let me know if you ever come to Phoenix, I would love to meet you! XOXO

  2. Can’t believe you finally are in Seattle after years of wanting you here. Just my “bleepin” luck I am out of the state on business. I am so ticked right now. I hope you enjoy your stay in Seattle Ava. Please Please Please make a return trip next year. If you do I have 8 hard reasons for you when you return :)

  3. i just want to say i was the nice guy who sat next to you on the plane from texas to boston my name was jason you let me take a pic with you thanks so munch i wish i could have a autograph pic with you you are the best jason

  4. Hey sexy, I love see your movies. What about Miami? I expected to see you at erotica exxxotica in Miami Beach :-(
    Why you didn’t come see us?

  5. Ava,

    Still waiting on you to come back to beautiful North Carolina. You belong here, I would love to meet you in person, so please let this good ole boy know when you are coming back.

    Waiting patiently,

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