Tour Dates

June 13-14 Boston
June 16-17 Charlotte
June 20-21 Atlanta
June 27-28 Los Angeles, west Hollywood
June 29-30 San Francisco
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6 thoughts on “Tour Dates

  1. Hello Ava

    How are you ?

    First I want to say that I really like your films, they are flawless. And I wonder if you are going to make a European tour ? and if so, would you might stop by Sweden?.

    Very eager to hear from you.

    Love Alex J.son from the Swedish southcoast

  2. Hello Ava,

    You are a true nympho and my fave adult star. I hope you can find the time to visit/tour Seattle before the year ends. I just missed your recent SF visit by 3 days and was pretty bummed. I love watching your videos, but I think seeing you in person for a “private encounter” would be much better, and I can die a happy man :)

  3. ok…first of all i would just love to tell u how beautiful and how sexy u r…U r without a doubt the hottest girl ive ever seen do porn.I love watching your videos,damn u sure do know how to turn a guy on…I live close to boston,I would love to see u around.maybe i can return u the favor,that is if ur into hot young studs like me

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