Hello everyone,

THank you for making a success!! I’m so pleased how many members are still enjoying to jerk off to me!! I love fucking so keep up the jerking, it makes me work harder!! Now, if any of you would like one on one personal attention, then meet me when I’m in a city near you!!

Believe it or not, I am currently in Australia. I’m chilling and ready to FUCK some AUSSIE cock!!

Feb 6-9 Brisbane
Feb 10-14 Sydney
Feb 15-20 Perth

March 8-10 Long Island, Garden CIty. Can be seen w/ Sexy Vanessa
March 12-15 NYC, Manhattan. Can be seen w/Sexy Vanessa
March 19-20 Downtown Philadelphia. Can be seen w/Sexy Vanessa
March 22-23 Downtown Washington, DC
March 26-27 Downtown Chicago. Can be seen w/Sexy Vanessa

Book a date w/me by emailing my Fantastic assistant, Rhonda at

Don’t worry, if we cannot meet these dates, I’ll be back around. I love fucking my fans very much. I am a cock junkie and need my fix!! Also please continue watching because there will be more hot sexy scenes to cum.

Love Ava

15 thoughts on “TOUR DATES

  1. hey ava ive been a fan since i was 16 and i want to ask u if ur ever in canada in cornwal or ottawa give me a shout would love to meet and if u want fuck who am i kidding of course u want to lol thanx hope to hear from you.

  2. Ava “Huge” fan of yours, would love to meet and fuck you some day, are you gonna head to the west coast anytime soon like Seattle? I love the Blind Date spoof you did especially when you were at the porn shop and sucked off that random guy outside the booths I would love to go into my local porn store and see you there telling me to drop my pant so you can suck my cock.

  3. Hi Ava im a great fan from you and i know every film from you…..when you saty in germany for a tour across europe ,i will meet you and see you live,please make my dreams come true and visit Germany,you have a lot of fans in germany,i love you soo….

  4. Hi Sexy Ava,

    Please come to Denmark. Would love to meet you in real life, and live out the fantasies that your films har given me;)

    BIG XO


  5. Hi Ava,

    Love your work.

    Was just wondering if you would be coming down to Melbourne Australia anytime soon in the near future xx

  6. Dear Ava,
    I was walking thru JFK airport with my wife and mother about 4 years ago and I saw a woman in flat shoes no makeup . All dressed in denim and dragging a small suitcase . I saw your face and your large tits and knew it was you. I approached you and asked ” if you were Ava”.
    You gushed into a big smile and almost pushed me into an alcove near a newspaper and magazine stand. I slowed down so my 2 guests would walk away from me. I didnt know where this was going to go so i mumbled some words and walked away and caught up with my two companions. What a treat to see you in person . Would have liked it to have been more physical .
    Perhaps another day with a chance meeting.

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