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Ava Devine Anal

Ava Devine Anal 1
Ava Devine Anal

Nothing better than getting your ass fucked on a cool winter afternoon. Weird how the leaves on the trees have not fallen so far into February. Maybe Northern California foliage is different than Massachusetts? Speaking of great views, don’t you love looking at my beautiful pussy while I get my ass fucked. As I get older I love it in the ass sometimes more than in my pussy.

Ava Devine Anal 2
Ava Devine Anal 2 

This is the story of a day in my life, the life of Ava Devine. Let me tell you I got nailed like a kid’s treefort yesterday so my pussy is sore. Today it’s asshole only for me. Now my asshole wants this little boy’s dick. Watch me in this 100% full-on anal scene. It’s safe to say, I’ll be taking the day off from fucking tomorrow.

Ava Devine Anal Lube
Ava Devine Anal Lube

I’ll start by lubing up his cock with my mouth. I love to make a dick hard in my mouth. The feeling of it slowly rising, filling up my throat. I spit shine his cock and get my ass ready for penetration. once it’s in, it’s off to the races in my ass. It’s just the pounding I need. Watch my 36DD tits bounce to the rhythmic motion of our fucking.

Ava Devine Anal
Ava Devine Anal
Ava Devine Blowjob
Ava Devine Blowjob

View more of me at my blog. I do it all. I am the true American porn star slut. Most girls in porn have nothing on me. There’s almost nothing I haven’t done for you, my fans. Come over and watch me suck and fuck anything with a dick or a slit. My girlfriends and I have a lot of fun that you can participate in! Live shows, cam shows and access to multiple live appearances await you when you become a member of Ava Devine. Brought to you by PornStar Platinum.

Ava Devine Tranny Porn Sex Movies

Ava Devine Tranny Porn Sex Movies
Ava Devine Tranny Porn Sex Movies

I’m Ava Devine and I am here with Naughty Nadia and Tranny Tiffany Starr. These two hot fucking trannies that love to fuck XXX porn stars. Nadia a sexy Latin tranny with a big dick and Tiffany is a white tranny with a bad attitude!

Ava Devine Tranny Porn Sex Movies
Ava Devine Tranny Porn Sex Movies

I’m just a dirty motherfucker, ready to fuck both of these freaks now. Sit back, relax in your recliner and watch this “transational” video. Rock out with your cock waaay out. Let me expand your horizons! Maybe it’s your first time watching some trans-sexual sex? What do you think? Want to give it a try?

Ava Devine Tranny Porn Sex Movies
Ava Devine Tranny Porn Sex Movies

You know there’s nothing to be ashamed of by liking to watch tranny porn. When you think about it, what’s more gay, watching a big hairy dude fuck someone else or watching a sexy chick with big tits and a cock fucking? Of course, its less gay to watch a dick with tits! It’s a no brainer!

Ava Devine Tranny Porn Sex Movies
Ava Devine Tranny Porn Sex Movies

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Taking On Toney Capone!

Ava Devine Interracial Toney Capone big black cock

Ava Devine Interracial deep throat blowjob

Today Im with none other then, big cock black stud, Toney Capone. Cause I need to be treated like a fucking whore and I need big cock! Perfect! Watch as he calls me a pig, makes me choke like a BJ slut on his cock, rams my asshole with his big hard cock and cums all over my face for a unbelievable facial! The fucking saliva produced while giving Toney a once in a life time blow job was simple amazing! This is got to be one of the filthiest scenes I have ever made! This is for you my loyal members, I love you and I love cock! Un Fucking Believable! Thats what this scene is for sure! A Chocolate Milk Extravaganza!

Ava Devine Interracial fuck big tits pornstar

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3 Way Sex Fest with Angelina Valentine!

pornstar Ava Devine Angelina Valentine big tits

pornstar Ava Devine Angelina Valentine strap on fuck

Not much of a interview or story line here folks. Lets just say I start right off the bat by sucking Angelina Valentines big fucking strap-on. Then she fucks me real good. If that isnt enough in walks Wolfe and his cock is ready too! Bring on the big cocks is what I always say! And in this set thats exactly what I got a full dose of. I love cocks, real cocks or strap-on cocks doesnt really matter much to me! See the full scene on my site! Get over there now!

pornstar Ava Devine Angelina Valentine double penetration fuck

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pornstar Ava Devine Angelina Valentine blowjob fuck lesbian

Thank You FreeOnes!

Pornstar Ava Devine big tits toy

Pornstar Ava Devine nice bare ass

Yes, people pay for my site & yes, without FreeOnes.com I wouldn’t have as many members, so thank you for that! But this may sound crazy, but what I really love is more & more members so I can dream about the amount of guys jerking off to me! And I thank you again for that most of all! I think it’s a pretty wild concept actually, just think about it… tons & tons of people jerk off to me! Awesome! I will never forget you Free Ones or my loyal fans & members, I love you all! Now love me in this hot lil solo video, please!

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Pornstar Ava Devine spread pussy anal masturbation

Relaxing and Sexing with Erica Lauren

Ava Devine Erica Lauren big tits

Ava Devine Erica Lauren lesbian pussy lick

The word lately out is, Erica Lauren a porn pro is doing something new for people in and not in the adult industry. She gives the girlfriend experience, a true sexual fulfillment to her partner. Let me tell you being in the porn industry sometimes is like a regular job, where you have to be ready & structured. Not in this scene, the Girlfriend experience that Erica Gives is amazing, right away she gets me to just calm down & relax, enjoying all her touching and caressing! See Erica becomes just that my Girlfriend, so anything I want her to do she will do, & wow she does! I love what Erica is doing!

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Bukkake on Webcam Part 2

Slut Ava Devine Bukkake Doggy Style
Ava Devine bukkake cum facial cocks

More cocks in this Part 2 set for me & my girlfriend. I really show off my need & desire for as many cocks as I can get my hands & mouth on! What is great about this entire Bukkake scene is guys are just cumming whenever they have to cum! It’s all out madness in the real live set on webcam! There is people everywhere, cocks everywhere & cameras everywhere, & I’m at the center of attention! I love that! And I love cocks more then anything as you can see in this exclusive update on my website!

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Bukkake on Webcam Part 1

Big tit pornstar Ava Devine
Big tit pornstar Ava Devine nude shaved pussy

I’m here at some fucking hotel & I have plenty of nice cocks & my sexy girlfriend here too! Watch has I suck, fuck every fucking cock presented to me. Watch me get drenched in cum from every direction imaginable! I haven’t done a Bukkake scene on camera in a long time, and this is the first one on my official website, AvaDevine.com! Enjoy Part 1 as the video was too long to get into one update, Watch for Part 2 cuming soon exclusively to my site!


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Big tit pornstar Ava Devine cum facial

Happy New Year 2012!

Pornstar Ava Devine big tits

Here is a special New Years update, please enjoy! I hope & I know 2012 will be filled with plenty of fun, nasty dirty sex, plenty of masturbation, lots of fucking, lot of cum squirting for both me & everyone watching this! Cheers to a happy, health & blessed 2012! So now the video, please sit back & enjoy as you stroke in the New Year with me! Thank you for a great 2011! 2012 will be even better with lots more sexy exclusive updates you will only be able to find on my site. Cum share them all with me as I do my best to make you cum all year long.


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Do It Yourself Anal Style!

Ava Devine Anal Big Tits

Ava Devine Anal pornstar ass

Please feast your eyes on this hot new anal solo set as I pull out all the stops on this one. As you will see I have plenty of cum toys all piled on my bed, oh how I wish you were here with me! Anyway please pleasure yourself as I show these sextoys in my mouth hole, asshole & pussy hole for you! You will only find this & all my other scenes here exclusively at AvaDevine.com!

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