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Prince’s big black cock tears up my asshole

ava_devine_prince_yahshua_yellow_lingerie 42

I’ve been craving some good ol’ black cock lately, so who else do I call besides the one and only, Prince? That cock can go in any hole it wants — just like it will today. I let Prince Yashua slam his cock deep in my ass. I took every inch of that anaconda sized dick too! ava_devine_prince_yahshua_yellow_lingerie 54

You see my phat ass? I hope you’re ready to see me get that booty hole impaled by a big ass black dick. I had to get my pussy wet first though. I spread my ass and let him fuck me for a little bit. I love anal, but having my pussy ravaged is about the only thing better. ava_devine_prince_yahshua_yellow_lingerie 73

You gotta ease a dick of this size into my ass slowly. Give me some time to stretch out to handle all 8, 9, or 10 inches of yours. But once you’re in, it’s on like…well, you know. Pound town here I come!ava_devine_prince_yahshua_yellow_lingerie 84

As if getting to pound my asshole wasn’t enough, I wanted Prince to really take control of me and make me his bitch. He wrapped those muscly hands of his around my neck and gently squeezed. That alone makes my thighs shiver with excitement! ava_devine_prince_yahshua_yellow_lingerie 97Once Prince had my asshole stretched out, he began to give it to me deep and really hard…as you can see by my reaction! Not to mention that getting it up your ass while in the doggystyle position can really get it deep in there!

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Ava Devine and Sara Jay Riding Black Dick

ava_devine_sara_jay_asante37Hope all you boys (and girls ;)!) had a good holiday and even better New Years Eve! While I’m recovering, I figured I should throw you all an update. You know my girl Sara Jay and I like to get together and get ourselves into trouble. That’s exactly what we did here! We both took turns with this nice fat black cock. What a nice Christmas present to myself! 😉

ava_devine_sara_jay_asante170Sara Jay was ready to show off her new lingerie she just got herself. Too bad she didn’t keep it on long once the fun began! But she did keep the heels on. So sexy!

ava_devine_sara_jay_asante298How do we look, boys? Aren’t our asses just fantASStic? Do you want to spank us for being naughty little elves? Oh yes baby, spank us!

ava_devine_sara_jay_asante381Enough of the posing, I want some cock…better yet, some big black cock! Our boy is here and from the looks of it, he is already enjoying what he’s seeing. Sara Jay had a hard time pulling those pants down with his thick cock in the way.


Just take one look at that monster! We were both getting a little impatient by this point and couldn’t wait any longer. Our pussies were literally dripping with juices. Sara took his cock into her mouth first and I just licked his shaft a little.

ava_devine_sara_jay_asante473I told you we were getting inpatient! I let him shove that bbc directly in my ass. I rode him until SJ wanted a piece, so being the good friend I am, I gave up my anal pounding.


That surely didn’t stop me from having fun though. When Sara climbed up on his cock and was riding him on the bed, I leaned over and began tonguing her tight little chocolate starfish. Think she was enjoying herself?


We weren’t the only ones enjoying ourselves. This guy was ready to explode and wanted to fuck my ass one last time. So what do I do but bend over and spread my ass cheeks for him? It didn’t take long after that for him to release all of that excess baby batter all over both of our tits.

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Ava Devine MMF Threesome

Ava Devine MMF Threesome
Ava Devine MMF Threesome
Hello gentlemen, it’s me Ava Devine here at the Power Exchange! This is a live show where I get fucked in front of my lucky fans. I’m nailed by Rico Shades and Tommy Utah the newly remodeled dungeon at The Power Exchange Show. All my fans here got to watch these two guys give me some of the greatest oral and vaginal sex I’ve ever had!
Ava Devine MMF Threesome
Ava Devine MMF Threesome

I guess filming in front of a live audience of Ava Devine site members makes me extra hot. I feel like you guys might think I was over acting, but honestly I wasn’t. I tell ya this, after Rico and Tommy finish themselves off I am definitely going to give a few of my fans a very lucky treat. 

Ava Devine MMF Threesome
Ava Devine MMF Threesome

Funny shot here, my partner came on his own chin! LOLOL

Ava Devine MMF Threesome
Ava Devine MMF Threesome

There’s nothing better than a good forceful face fuck from a handsome well hung black man. Fuck my face harder! I want to swallow your cum.

Ava Devine MMF Threesome
Ava Devine MMF Threesome

Anything goes at Ameica’s Naughtiest Power Exchange. They have locations in LA and Las Vegas. You should check it out with your significant swinging other. It is an extreme sex club, so cum prepared!

Ava Devine MMF Threesome
Ava Devine MMF Threesome

The guys are wearing me out. I’ll need to take a little break for my encore performance with a few of my dedicated members. Thanks so much for all your continued  support. This is what it’s all about. You could get cock to face with me if you join today!

Ava Devine MMF Threesome
Ava Devine MMF Threesome

I love the feeling of getting man handled by two strong guys at one time. I love MMF Sex. Heck I even like MMMMMF sex! Is there something wrong with me?

Ava Devine MMF Threesome
Ava Devine MMF Threesome

And here’s the delicious dish I earned after all my hard work! Thanks boys for filling me up good!

Ava Devine MMF Threesome
Ava Devine MMF Threesome

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Ava Devine Tranny Porn Sex Movies

Ava Devine Tranny Porn Sex Movies
Ava Devine Tranny Porn Sex Movies

I’m Ava Devine and I am here with Naughty Nadia and Tranny Tiffany Starr. These two hot fucking trannies that love to fuck XXX porn stars. Nadia a sexy Latin tranny with a big dick and Tiffany is a white tranny with a bad attitude!

Ava Devine Tranny Porn Sex Movies
Ava Devine Tranny Porn Sex Movies

I’m just a dirty motherfucker, ready to fuck both of these freaks now. Sit back, relax in your recliner and watch this “transational” video. Rock out with your cock waaay out. Let me expand your horizons! Maybe it’s your first time watching some trans-sexual sex? What do you think? Want to give it a try?

Ava Devine Tranny Porn Sex Movies
Ava Devine Tranny Porn Sex Movies

You know there’s nothing to be ashamed of by liking to watch tranny porn. When you think about it, what’s more gay, watching a big hairy dude fuck someone else or watching a sexy chick with big tits and a cock fucking? Of course, its less gay to watch a dick with tits! It’s a no brainer!

Ava Devine Tranny Porn Sex Movies
Ava Devine Tranny Porn Sex Movies

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1800 Dial A Dick Ava Devine Interracial Threesome

Ava Devine hardcore lingerie

Ava Devine hardcore threesome fuck and suck
Ok so I’m here talking to a girlfriend of mine just complaining about all these fucking loser guys I know. Some that want do nothing but fuck and others that don’t want to fuck at all. I really tired of the whole relationship thing. So she recommended I try calling 1800 Dial A Dick, a male escort company. Wow I never thought of that. So fuck it I did. What a great idea. I mean it was faster then ordering pizza! I just called and requested 2 guys not one, one black guy and one white guy, and they came right over. I told them the deal that I wanted to just fuck and if they wanted to get paid I’d pay them before we even did anything. You see I don’t want any bullshit, Im tired of bullshit and just want cock! They were both fine with that. So I got 2 cocks and it was all filmed, actually the camera man got so horning during the scene he joined in too. If your wondering who was that third cock in the camera.
Ava Devine hardcore threesome double penetration

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Ava Devine hardcore threesome facial cum

Afternoon Fuck Break

Ava Devine Interracial big tits

Ava Devine Interracial big black cock blowjob

Yesterday was a really busy day and it all started with a fuck break with my friend, Prince Yahshua, who loves to treat me like the whore I am. First he stuck his big black cock in my mouth and made me suck it. When he was hard, he just pounded my pussy with his huge black cock, then he shoved his dick in my mouth to clean my pussy juice from his dick. It seemed that every time he changed positions, I had to clean off his cock. Finally, he pounded my asshole. Then, he pulled his cock out of my ass and shoved it down my throat so I could clean the ass juice off his dick. After that, he dumped a huge load of creamy cum down my mouth as my reward for a job well done.. Needless to say, after swallowing that big load I was a happy slut!

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Taking On Toney Capone!

Ava Devine Interracial Toney Capone big black cock

Ava Devine Interracial deep throat blowjob

Today Im with none other then, big cock black stud, Toney Capone. Cause I need to be treated like a fucking whore and I need big cock! Perfect! Watch as he calls me a pig, makes me choke like a BJ slut on his cock, rams my asshole with his big hard cock and cums all over my face for a unbelievable facial! The fucking saliva produced while giving Toney a once in a life time blow job was simple amazing! This is got to be one of the filthiest scenes I have ever made! This is for you my loyal members, I love you and I love cock! Un Fucking Believable! Thats what this scene is for sure! A Chocolate Milk Extravaganza!

Ava Devine Interracial fuck big tits pornstar

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With Rock The Icon Part 2

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Pornstar Ava Devine interracial fuck vibrator

Right at the end of part one you saw I was trying to take Rocks big black cock into my ass. But I had to get it wet first so he filled my pussy with that big fucking cock of his, he fucked me real hard, filling me up. Once he was wet, he rammed it hard, deep and fast into my ass as he move a little pink vibrator on my clit. We both came hard, this is really hot.

Pornstar Ava Devine big black cock ass fuck

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Pornstar Ava Devine spread pussy anal sex

With Rock The Icon Part 1

Ava Devine interracial tied up naked pornstar

Ava Devine interracial fuck machine big tits shaved pussy

Rock knows how to treat a girl. He ties me up to the bed then grabs this great fuck toy he made, three vibrators all taped together. One is going deep into my pussy, another in my ass and the last one on my clit. Shit, this feels so good I can hardly stand it, I cum hard. He takes his big black cock and rams it down my throat, i take it all… watch out for part 2!

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I Fuck My Sons Friends

Pornstar Ava Devine big tits stockings lingerie

Pornstar Ava Devine big black cock blowjob

Ken has come over today and I didnt know he was going to stop by. I was rushing to get ready and I was half naked when he knocked. I just let him in fuck it. Well Ken felt a lil awkward to say the least the poor guy was just trying to return my son Mikes back pack and had no idea what he was walking into! After getting a good look at Ken alone his strong muscular body looked really good. Being the slut cougar I am I had to touch him a lil. Then I asked him to help with my bra, I knew exactly what I was doing. One thing led to the next and before he could say back-pack I was down on my fucking knees sucking his big college cock! Thats right I fucked my sons friend! And yes, once again I had these photos update on my site a while ago but could not find the video. Well guess what the video surfaced and so here it is.
Pornstar Ava Devine doggy style interracial fuck

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