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With Rock The Icon Part 1

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Rock knows how to treat a girl. He ties me up to the bed then grabs this great fuck toy he made, three vibrators all taped together. One is going deep into my pussy, another in my ass and the last one on my clit. Shit, this feels so good I can hardly stand it, I cum hard. He takes his big black cock and rams it down my throat, i take it all… watch out for part 2!

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3 Way Sex Fest with Angelina Valentine!

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Not much of a interview or story line here folks. Lets just say I start right off the bat by sucking Angelina Valentines big fucking strap-on. Then she fucks me real good. If that isnt enough in walks Wolfe and his cock is ready too! Bring on the big cocks is what I always say! And in this set thats exactly what I got a full dose of. I love cocks, real cocks or strap-on cocks doesnt really matter much to me! See the full scene on my site! Get over there now!

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Dyke Out with Adrianna Nicole

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I had these photos update on my site a while ago but could not find the video. Well guess what the hardcore video surfaced and so here it is. No cocks just 2 crazy bitches like me Ava Devine and Adrianna Nicole licking, sucking, pounding every fucking hole we have. Watch for a big red strap-on dildo as well, we put that to real good use too!

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Addicted to Dick!

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So in this set we start off with a real good interview as I explain to all of you what’s going on with me lately so you’ll want to watch that. Then on to the stripping which I know you’ll enjoy as well. But what I really want more then anything is a big fat cock in my every hole. And a big strong man to ravage me! Guess what? I get what I want! In comes a friend of the guy interviewing me, who previously also fucked me btw, and this guy is hung like you can’t believe. Please sit back and watch part 2 of big black cocks destroying me, Ava Devine!

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Invaded By A Burglar!

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I can’t fucking believe it someone stole all my shit! Fuck! Just as I was in the middle of being very upset along comes the fucking creep that did this to me! He was in my fucking house & I didn’t even know it! OMFG! So what happens next is really unbelievable, he orders me to have filthy nasty sex with him. I orders me not to dare look at him, but I secretly did & being the crazy slut I am I was fucking down with it! Watch as this burglar totally violates my every hole! I get gagged, bagged, fucked & sucked in this great hardcore scene! This creep can break in my house anytime, hell next time I’ll even leave the door wide open for him!

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D Snoop Is In Da House!

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Well you could say that, yes D Snoop is in my house, in this hot hardcore set, for sure! Watch as this sexy motherfucker licks the hell out of me, gags me with his cock & bangs my filthy hole! Watch as I get fucked into oblivion in this great hot new set! I have never been with D Snoop before this scene & all I can say is why? He was a great fuck & I’m sure I’ll be seeing him again real soon…


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Relaxing and Sexing with Erica Lauren

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The word lately out is, Erica Lauren a porn pro is doing something new for people in and not in the adult industry. She gives the girlfriend experience, a true sexual fulfillment to her partner. Let me tell you being in the porn industry sometimes is like a regular job, where you have to be ready & structured. Not in this scene, the Girlfriend experience that Erica Gives is amazing, right away she gets me to just calm down & relax, enjoying all her touching and caressing! See Erica becomes just that my Girlfriend, so anything I want her to do she will do, & wow she does! I love what Erica is doing!

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Bukkake on Webcam Part 2

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More cocks in this Part 2 set for me & my girlfriend. I really show off my need & desire for as many cocks as I can get my hands & mouth on! What is great about this entire Bukkake scene is guys are just cumming whenever they have to cum! It’s all out madness in the real live set on webcam! There is people everywhere, cocks everywhere & cameras everywhere, & I’m at the center of attention! I love that! And I love cocks more then anything as you can see in this exclusive update on my website!

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Bukkake on Webcam Part 1

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I’m here at some fucking hotel & I have plenty of nice cocks & my sexy girlfriend here too! Watch has I suck, fuck every fucking cock presented to me. Watch me get drenched in cum from every direction imaginable! I haven’t done a Bukkake scene on camera in a long time, and this is the first one on my official website, AvaDevine.com! Enjoy Part 1 as the video was too long to get into one update, Watch for Part 2 cuming soon exclusively to my site!


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Teaching Brandon A Thing or Two

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Brandon, my neighbor’s son, came by today wanting to know if I was planning to still go to the neighborhood watch meeting. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen him & let me tell you he has grown up a lot. Of course I let him in even though I was on my way out the door, you know I always have something dirty on my mind! After bs-ing with him for a couple minutes, I broke the news to him that no, I’m NOT going to some stuffy, goody two shoe neighborhood meeting! Hell I don’t really care about that shit, I mean I have swing parties here all the time! Brandon still young and naive had no clue to what a swing party was. Well sit back & watch me give this young man a little prerequisite lesson on what the fuck goes on at swing parties! He will never be the same again!

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