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Next Ava Devine Webcam Show is 10/8 2 PM PST

Next Ava Devine Webcam Show is 10/8 2 PM PST. This pornstar webcam show is 100% free for www.avadevine.com members. JOIN-> http://goo.gl/fdtSW

Ava Devine MMF Threesome
Ava Devine MMF Threesome

Ava added the show very last minute without really telling us, but if that’s what she wants to do, that’s what she wants to do, as you can see in this tweet…please remember that if you are on the West Coast there is 3 hour time difference.


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New Live Webcam Show Ava Devine and Morgan Ray Sept 12@ 6 PM PST

Just added today a lew live Ava Devine webcam show featuring special guest Morgan Ray Sept 12 @ 6 PM PST. Want to join up for this special event? Just click here now — >> http://goo.gl/fdtSW to join instantly!

Morgan Ray is a pornstar with a Masters Degree in Psychology and Sex Therapy. Who has been on shows like Gene Simmons Family Jewels, Showtimes How To Deep Throat & AC

This is Ava’s blog right, so we ain’t going to leave you hanging without at least one hot Ava Devine photo, right?

Ava Devine MMF Threesome
Ava Devine is the Dirtiest girl in porn!! Hope that helped!!

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Ava Devine Fucking XXX Porn

Ava Devine Fucking XXX Porn
Ava Devine Fucking XXX Porn

AvA Devine never looked better. In this new episode she’s sporting some black leather and lace outfit that makes her look like a totally hot sex crazed slut (ie: normal). She’s sucking and fucking like a fleshlight at boy scout camp. She needs cock in her life like you used to need Twinkies. Her motto is “let there be cock” and Ava is following her dreams!  Hell, she’ll even fuck tranny dick!

Ava Devine Fucking XXX Porn- Sucker Born every Minute!
Ava Devine Fucking XXX Porn- Sucker Born every Minute!

So listen, no bullshit, there’s a lot of sucking and fucking and anal and cum shots in this new Ava Devine HD scene. Never before seen on your favorite torrent or tube sites. Join today and get exclusive access to the raunchiest XXX hardcore porn on the net. If you read it here it must be true right? Jump on over to Ava’s site and meet all her slutty friends for regularly scheduled cam shows. It’s more fun in person, don’t you agree? Meet all of our trampy porn strat girls from the Pornstar Platinum Network of sites.

Ava Devine Fucking XXX Porn - Eating Some Ass
Ava Devine Fucking XXX Porn - Eating Some Ass

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Ava Devine Fucking XXX Porn - Ping in the Zing!
Ava Devine Fucking XXX Porn - Ping in the Zing!

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Pornstar Ava Devine big black cock blowjob tits

So in this set we start off with a real good interview as I explain to all of you what’s going on with me lately so you’ll want to watch that. Then on to the stripping which I know you’ll enjoy as well. But what I really want more then anything is a big fat cock in my every hole. And a big strong man to ravage me! Guess what? I get what I want! In comes a friend of the guy interviewing me, who previously also fucked me btw, and this guy is hung like you can’t believe. Please sit back and watch part 2 of big black cocks destroying me, Ava Devine!

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Relaxing and Sexing with Erica Lauren

Ava Devine Erica Lauren big tits

Ava Devine Erica Lauren lesbian pussy lick

The word lately out is, Erica Lauren a porn pro is doing something new for people in and not in the adult industry. She gives the girlfriend experience, a true sexual fulfillment to her partner. Let me tell you being in the porn industry sometimes is like a regular job, where you have to be ready & structured. Not in this scene, the Girlfriend experience that Erica Gives is amazing, right away she gets me to just calm down & relax, enjoying all her touching and caressing! See Erica becomes just that my Girlfriend, so anything I want her to do she will do, & wow she does! I love what Erica is doing!

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Bukkake on Webcam Part 2

Slut Ava Devine Bukkake Doggy Style
Ava Devine bukkake cum facial cocks

More cocks in this Part 2 set for me & my girlfriend. I really show off my need & desire for as many cocks as I can get my hands & mouth on! What is great about this entire Bukkake scene is guys are just cumming whenever they have to cum! It’s all out madness in the real live set on webcam! There is people everywhere, cocks everywhere & cameras everywhere, & I’m at the center of attention! I love that! And I love cocks more then anything as you can see in this exclusive update on my website!

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Hello everyone,

THank you for making avadevine.com a success!! I’m so pleased how many members are still enjoying to jerk off to me!! I love fucking so keep up the jerking, it makes me work harder!! Now, if any of you would like one on one personal attention, then meet me when I’m in a city near you!!

Believe it or not, I am currently in Australia. I’m chilling and ready to FUCK some AUSSIE cock!!

Feb 6-9 Brisbane
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March 8-10 Long Island, Garden CIty. Can be seen w/ Sexy Vanessa
March 12-15 NYC, Manhattan. Can be seen w/Sexy Vanessa
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March 26-27 Downtown Chicago. Can be seen w/Sexy Vanessa

Book a date w/me by emailing my Fantastic assistant, Rhonda at avadevinexxx@gmail.com.

Don’t worry, if we cannot meet these dates, I’ll be back around. I love fucking my fans very much. I am a cock junkie and need my fix!! Also please continue watching avadevine.com because there will be more hot sexy scenes to cum.

Love Ava

Happy New Year 2012!

Pornstar Ava Devine big tits

Here is a special New Years update, please enjoy! I hope & I know 2012 will be filled with plenty of fun, nasty dirty sex, plenty of masturbation, lots of fucking, lot of cum squirting for both me & everyone watching this! Cheers to a happy, health & blessed 2012! So now the video, please sit back & enjoy as you stroke in the New Year with me! Thank you for a great 2011! 2012 will be even better with lots more sexy exclusive updates you will only be able to find on my site. Cum share them all with me as I do my best to make you cum all year long.


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Hot Scene With Carmen!

Ava Devine Stripping

Ava Devine Carmen T-girl

It’s been so long since I have been with Carmen Moore & I’m glad to be back with her. She is one of my favorite T-girls ever. Carmen had a ton of work done on her already hot body. Watch as I give her a good looking over hehehe! This is one hot fucking scene, another great set to jerk off too! Her and I play with a huge black dildo and take turns blowing it then she fucks my ass with it! I bet you will cum several times before you are even halfway into watching this full scene on my exclusive site! I love Carmen Moore I hope you do too!
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More Dick In Vegas!

Ava Devine


Ok, you probably already saw the first boy/girl video that was posted here already, here is the other cock I got to be with while in Las Vegas, Loved it! I just love hard cock & big hard manly muscles. As you know, I love other girls & all kinds of toys, but there is something about a big strong man that really gets me off! I cannot get enough fucking and sucking on a mans cock!

Ava Devine blowjob

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