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Taking on a cock and a fucking machine!

ava_devine_billy_glide2If you’ve read my previous post about my interview video, you’ll understand why I am taking on not one, but two cocks today! One is the lovely Billy Glide’s. His dick is fucking huge! The other is a dildo on a fucking machine that can really work me out. The best part is…they’re both going up my ass!!

ava_devine_billy_glide21There wasn’t any fucking around today. We got right to the action! We lined up the fucking machine and Billy came strutting over almost ready to go. With a little work, I had him pumped up like a set of old school Reebok. ūüėČ

ava_devine_billy_glide33Do you see what I am talking about? His cock is as big as my fucking arm! I have no clue how the hell I even got it into my mouth. Haha! I had the machine pounding my cunt and him pounding my face. A girls dream.

ava_devine_billy_glide61My jaw is going to be sore tomorrow, but it’ll be well worth it for the orgasm or should I say orgasms that I’m going to have today! I love being fucked from behind, so I hopped up on all fours and let that machine pound me hard while I sucked Billy’s big meat stick.

ava_devine_billy_glide71The fun surely didn’t stop there. Billy got behind me and fucked me in the ass while the machine continued to fuck my pussy! All I needed is one more cock to fill my mouth and I would have been completely air tight. Mmmmm!

ava_devine_billy_glide153I took turns with both the machine and Billy, even putting both of them in my ass at the same time. Talk about being sore! I alone should have the stocks of lube sky-rocketing. Invest now, bitches!

ava_devine_billy_glide217One more picture before I go of Billy making my tight little ass gap. I had an amazing fucking time with him and since he was such a good fuck, I let him fill my booty-hole up with his warm and sticky porridge! If you want to see all of the action, be sure to check out my site or click below now.

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Ava Devine Anal

Ava Devine Anal 1
Ava Devine Anal

Nothing better than getting your ass fucked on a cool winter afternoon. Weird how the leaves on the trees have not fallen so far into February. Maybe Northern California foliage is different than Massachusetts? Speaking of great views, don’t you love looking at my beautiful pussy while I get my ass fucked. As I get older I love it in the ass sometimes more than in my pussy.

Ava Devine Anal 2
Ava Devine Anal 2 

This is the story of a day in my life, the life of¬†Ava Devine. Let me tell you I got¬†nailed like a kid’s treefort¬†yesterday so my pussy is sore. Today it’s asshole only for me. Now my asshole wants this little boy’s dick. Watch me in this¬†100% full-on anal scene. It’s safe to say, I’ll be taking the day off from fucking tomorrow.

Ava Devine Anal Lube
Ava Devine Anal Lube

I’ll start by lubing up his cock with my mouth. I love to make a dick hard¬†in my mouth. The feeling of it slowly rising,¬†filling up my throat.¬†I¬†spit shine his cock¬†and get my ass ready for penetration. once it’s in, it’s off to the races¬†in my ass.¬†It’s just the pounding I need. Watch my¬†36DD tits¬†bounce to the¬†rhythmic motion¬†of our fucking.

Ava Devine Anal
Ava Devine Anal
Ava Devine Blowjob
Ava Devine Blowjob

View more of me at my¬†blog. I do it all. I am the true American porn star slut. Most girls in porn have nothing on me. There’s almost nothing I haven’t done for you, my fans. Come over and watch me suck and¬†fuck anything¬†with a dick or a slit. My girlfriends and I have a lot of fun that you can participate in! Live shows, cam shows and access to multiple live appearances await you when you become a member of¬†Ava Devine. Brought to you by¬†PornStar Platinum.

Anal Party

Ava Devine Sexy Vanessa Claudia Valentine big tits

Ava Devine Sexy Vanessa Claudia Valentine lesbian

Last Saturday night, I had a party with two of my friends, Claudia Valentine and Sexy Vanessa. We all had our favorite dildos when we piled on my new king size bed. After stripping, Vanessa and I started to work on Claudia, playing with her pussy and finally inserting a dildo up her tight asshole. We both took turns sucking up her ass and pussy juice. Then we switched, and I was on the receiving end of dildos and tongues up my asshole and pussy. Finally, we switched again with Claudia and I doing Sexy Vanessa. Finally, with our assholes and pussies satisfied, we all kissed and I drifted off to a really contented sleep, thanks to my friends, Claudia and Vanessa, and their trusty dildos and tongues.

Ava Devine Sexy Vanessa Claudia Valentine rimjob lesbian

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Ava Devine Sexy Vanessa Claudia Valentine anal dildo

Car Problems

Ava Devine Sexy Vanessa threesome blowjob

Ava Devine Sexy Vanessa ass lick fuck rimjob

Yesterday, I had to return my newly repaired car to the garage, cause it broke down again. I brought my friend, Sexy Vanessa along as I was going to either get my car fixed or kick the mechanics ass! When we first arrived he did not want to fix his mistake and get my car back on the road. So, Vanessa and I provided him with some incentive, we both stripped and showed him our huge tits, and I popped his big cock in my mouth while he sucked Vanessas monstrous tits. Then we both sucked his big dick till he started to fuck Sexy Vanessa’s pussy. While he was pounding her pussy I started to lick his tender asshole and he went wild. That is when he turned around and fucked me hard in my asshole, and then turned his attention to Sexy Vanessas asshole, and filled it with cock. Finally, he shot a big load cum which Vanessa and I shared between us. With a smile on his face, he fixed the car and Vanessa and I drove off with our pussies and assholes satisfied at last.

Ava Devine Sexy Vanessa anal ass fuck 3some

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Ava Devine Sexy Vanessa blowjob cock suck

Taking On Toney Capone!

Ava Devine Interracial Toney Capone big black cock

Ava Devine Interracial deep throat blowjob

Today Im with none other then, big cock black stud, Toney Capone. Cause I need to be treated like a fucking whore and I need big cock! Perfect! Watch as he calls me a pig, makes me choke like a BJ slut on his cock, rams my asshole with his big hard cock and cums all over my face for a unbelievable facial! The fucking saliva produced while giving Toney a once in a life time blow job was simple amazing! This is got to be one of the filthiest scenes I have ever made! This is for you my loyal members, I love you and I love cock! Un Fucking Believable! Thats what this scene is for sure! A Chocolate Milk Extravaganza!

Ava Devine Interracial fuck big tits pornstar

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With Rock The Icon Part 2

Pornstar Ava Devine big tits stockings

Pornstar Ava Devine interracial fuck vibrator

Right at the end of part one you saw I was trying to take Rocks big black cock into my ass. But I had to get it wet first so he filled my pussy with that big fucking cock of his, he fucked me real hard, filling me up. Once he was wet, he rammed it hard, deep and fast into my ass as he move a little pink vibrator on my clit. We both came hard, this is really hot.

Pornstar Ava Devine big black cock ass fuck

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Pornstar Ava Devine spread pussy anal sex

Do It Yourself Anal Style!

Ava Devine Anal Big Tits

Ava Devine Anal pornstar ass

Please feast your eyes on this hot new anal solo set as I pull out all the stops on this one. As you will see I have plenty of cum toys all piled on my bed, oh how I wish you were here with me! Anyway please pleasure yourself as I show these sextoys in my mouth hole, asshole & pussy hole for you! You will only find this & all my other scenes here exclusively at AvaDevine.com!

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Ava Devine Anal big toy

Sexy Vanessa & The Fucking Machine!

Ava Devine Sexy Vanessa

Ava Devine Sexy Vanessa nude
I simply love this Latin MILF she is just what her names says, SEXY! Latin’s just have that lil extra something I love & it’s called passion. I just love it when I get to be with her & beg her to talk dirty latin to me. Watch this exclusive set as I introduce this hot lil Latin mom to the fucking machine! We set up on the deck hear the pool, dressed in hot sexy wear and plenty of lube! After fooling around for a very short time, very short (I went straight to her ass), I turned that fucking machine on and went to town on her! Please enjoy this very hot HD set with my friend Vanessa, sexy she is!

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Ava Devine Sexy Vanessa lesbian