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Prince’s big black cock tears up my asshole

ava_devine_prince_yahshua_yellow_lingerie 42

I’ve been craving some good ol’ black cock lately, so who else do I call besides the one and only, Prince? That cock can go in any hole it wants — just like it will today. I let Prince Yashua slam his cock deep in my ass. I took every inch of that anaconda sized dick too! ava_devine_prince_yahshua_yellow_lingerie 54

You see my phat ass? I hope you’re ready to see me get that booty hole impaled by a big ass black dick. I had to get my pussy wet first though. I spread my ass and let him fuck me for a little bit. I love anal, but having my pussy ravaged is about the only thing better. ava_devine_prince_yahshua_yellow_lingerie 73

You gotta ease a dick of this size into my ass slowly. Give me some time to stretch out to handle all 8, 9, or 10 inches of yours. But once you’re in, it’s on like…well, you know. Pound town here I come!ava_devine_prince_yahshua_yellow_lingerie 84

As if getting to pound my asshole wasn’t enough, I wanted Prince to really take control of me and make me his bitch. He wrapped those muscly hands of his around my neck and gently squeezed. That alone makes my thighs shiver with excitement! ava_devine_prince_yahshua_yellow_lingerie 97Once Prince had my asshole stretched out, he began to give it to me deep and really hard…as you can see by my reaction! Not to mention that getting it up your ass while in the doggystyle position can really get it deep in there!

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Taking on a cock and a fucking machine!

ava_devine_billy_glide2If you’ve read my previous post about my interview video, you’ll understand why I am taking on not one, but two cocks today! One is the lovely Billy Glide’s. His dick is fucking huge! The other is a dildo on a fucking machine that can really work me out. The best part is…they’re both going up my ass!!

ava_devine_billy_glide21There wasn’t any fucking around today. We got right to the action! We lined up the fucking machine and Billy came strutting over almost ready to go. With a little work, I had him pumped up like a set of old school Reebok. 😉

ava_devine_billy_glide33Do you see what I am talking about? His cock is as big as my fucking arm! I have no clue how the hell I even got it into my mouth. Haha! I had the machine pounding my cunt and him pounding my face. A girls dream.

ava_devine_billy_glide61My jaw is going to be sore tomorrow, but it’ll be well worth it for the orgasm or should I say orgasms that I’m going to have today! I love being fucked from behind, so I hopped up on all fours and let that machine pound me hard while I sucked Billy’s big meat stick.

ava_devine_billy_glide71The fun surely didn’t stop there. Billy got behind me and fucked me in the ass while the machine continued to fuck my pussy! All I needed is one more cock to fill my mouth and I would have been completely air tight. Mmmmm!

ava_devine_billy_glide153I took turns with both the machine and Billy, even putting both of them in my ass at the same time. Talk about being sore! I alone should have the stocks of lube sky-rocketing. Invest now, bitches!

ava_devine_billy_glide217One more picture before I go of Billy making my tight little ass gap. I had an amazing fucking time with him and since he was such a good fuck, I let him fill my booty-hole up with his warm and sticky porridge! If you want to see all of the action, be sure to check out my site or click below now.

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Up close and personal


Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy boys! I’m back with another update from my site and I hope you all enjoy. I’ve had a lot of requests to do an interview type video to tell you all about myself a bit more, so I did…but I also took the opportunity to have some fun in my sexy army outfit!

ava_devine_interview27I know you all just love my booty, so why I don’t I spank myself with my leather whip for you? By the way, how do you like my outfit…huge latex heels, skimpy little thong and army costume. I’m sure it would look a whole lot better on the floor. Actually, make that YOUR floor!

ava_devine_interview40After the interview, all I could think about was getting myself off…or getting fucked. That’s all we talked about! It’s definitely not a bad thing, I was just horny as hell at this point. I couldn’t tease myself any longer, so I began to strip down.

ava_devine_interview62My pussy was already wet, so I had to make this quick! I wanted to tease you all, but there was no way I could stop myself any longer!

ava_devine_interview78Unfortunately I didn’t have any toys, so I had to use the next best thing and that was my leather whip. 😉 Kinky, isn’t it? I shoved that fucker right in my pussy!

ava_devine_interview88I only want or like it up my ass when I’m really, really horny. Well, as you can see, I stuck that whip right up my asshole after stuffing my pussy with it! How about you remove that whip from my ass and replace it with your cock, baby?

ava_devine_interview123I wish I had a big, fat dick here to help me fill my fuck holes. My whip and fingers can only do so much. I REALLY need someone to come take care of my needs and I obviously need some cock in my life!!!

ava_devine_interview139By this point, I was determined to finish. I shoved my whip back into my ass and continued playing with my pussy until I creamed while on all fours! You should have felt my pussy walls caving in as I came. It was quite magical!

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Anal hotel fun with Dan Thomas

ava_devine_dan_thomas3So, I ended up in a hotel today with my boy toy,  Dan Thomas and you know what’s coming next…besides the two of us! I love anal sex just as much as he does, so I let him shove that meaty cock of his right up my bum! Dan thrashes my anus and face fucks me before blasting that massive load all over my face. Are you ready to watch?

ava_devine_dan_thomas5God damn does that cock feel good in my ass! And sorry, I didn’t get a chance to shave my cooter before Dan came over. He doesn’t seem to mind much though. He actually commented and told me he liked a little hair on my pussy. What do you guys think?

ava_devine_dan_thomas11Yeah, I’m a freaky bitch. So what? Hehe. He pulled his cock out of my ass and began to face fuck me. You could literally feel the blood flowing through his cock as he pounded my uvula. That’s the little dangling thing in the back of your throat in case you didn’t know. 😉

ava_devine_dan_thomas13I went balls deep on his cock and even jerked it a bit. I know he wasn’t going to last long after he told me to slow down a bit. Do ya blame him?

ava_devine_dan_thomas37I guess I’m not the only one who’s a freak in the sheets! A little tongue in the butthole action was at his request. 😛

ava_devine_dan_thomas54Back to pleasuring me and pounding my booty hole. Except this time, I was on top and had full control over him and that throbbing dick! I swear he was poking at my intestines with that thing!

ava_devine_dan_thomas70I brought along my new vibrator, which reminds me of some space-age fuck device. Doesn’t it? This bad boy is powerful and pulsates better than my Hitachi Wand! Yeah, right…Who am I kidding? Nothing comes close to comparing to a Hitachi wand.

ava_devine_dan_thomas137I hope we don’t have to pay a cleaning fee because things got a bit messy in that hotel room! After some really hardcore anal pounding, Dan pulled his cock out and stuck it back in my mouth again. As you can see, he blasted his man-goo all over!

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Ava Devine and Sara Jay Riding Black Dick

ava_devine_sara_jay_asante37Hope all you boys (and girls ;)!) had a good holiday and even better New Years Eve! While I’m recovering, I figured I should throw you all an update. You know my girl Sara Jay and I like to get together and get ourselves into trouble. That’s exactly what we did here! We both took turns with this nice fat black cock. What a nice Christmas present to myself! 😉

ava_devine_sara_jay_asante170Sara Jay was ready to show off her new lingerie she just got herself. Too bad she didn’t keep it on long once the fun began! But she did keep the heels on. So sexy!

ava_devine_sara_jay_asante298How do we look, boys? Aren’t our asses just fantASStic? Do you want to spank us for being naughty little elves? Oh yes baby, spank us!

ava_devine_sara_jay_asante381Enough of the posing, I want some cock…better yet, some big black cock! Our boy is here and from the looks of it, he is already enjoying what he’s seeing. Sara Jay had a hard time pulling those pants down with his thick cock in the way.


Just take one look at that monster! We were both getting a little impatient by this point and couldn’t wait any longer. Our pussies were literally dripping with juices. Sara took his cock into her mouth first and I just licked his shaft a little.

ava_devine_sara_jay_asante473I told you we were getting inpatient! I let him shove that bbc directly in my ass. I rode him until SJ wanted a piece, so being the good friend I am, I gave up my anal pounding.


That surely didn’t stop me from having fun though. When Sara climbed up on his cock and was riding him on the bed, I leaned over and began tonguing her tight little chocolate starfish. Think she was enjoying herself?


We weren’t the only ones enjoying ourselves. This guy was ready to explode and wanted to fuck my ass one last time. So what do I do but bend over and spread my ass cheeks for him? It didn’t take long after that for him to release all of that excess baby batter all over both of our tits.

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Ava Devine Anal

Ava Devine Anal
Ava Devine Anal

It’s me Ava again, I’m a busy beaver this month. It’s true, the more sex you get the more sex you want. I am on a fucking tear right now. I better renew my birth control pill prescription, I don’t want to get knocked up lol.

The boys at PSP have brought me a new young stud to play with today. I think we are doing an anal scene. I already had a “meeting” with my pyrex glass dildo and my asshole this morning so I should be ready for whatever he’s packin!

Ava Devine Anal
Ava Devine Anal

Look, he’s a cute young ginger. I bet he is thinking about his mommy when he is giving me some awesome anal. I bet I can make him yell “Mommy”! He sucks on my tits like you might expect, after all they are an awesome set of tits if I do say so myself! I still think my tits are my best and biggest asset. What do you think?

Ava Devine Anal
Ava Devine Anal

Are you an ass man or a tit man. Unzip your pants and watch the preview. Oogle my tits and ass. Wish you were here. Dream of stuffing my mouth with your hard dick. Harder faster down my throat until I gag. Slap your cock on my face as you come. Spank my tits and ass. Fuck my asshole. Do it.

Ava Devine Anal
Ava Devine Anal
Ava Devine Anal
Ava Devine Anal

This is one hot anal XXX photo set. Click through to see plenty more hot horny ass play. Watch our preview video and rub one out. Things get really hot when the he jams his tongue up my ass. Can you blow your load at the same time as he creampies my ass? Cum watch more at my Ava Devine Blog.

Ava Devine Anal
Ava Devine Anal
Ava Devine Anal
Ava Devine Anal

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Ava Devine Anal

Ava Devine Anal 1
Ava Devine Anal

Nothing better than getting your ass fucked on a cool winter afternoon. Weird how the leaves on the trees have not fallen so far into February. Maybe Northern California foliage is different than Massachusetts? Speaking of great views, don’t you love looking at my beautiful pussy while I get my ass fucked. As I get older I love it in the ass sometimes more than in my pussy.

Ava Devine Anal 2
Ava Devine Anal 2 

This is the story of a day in my life, the life of Ava Devine. Let me tell you I got nailed like a kid’s treefort yesterday so my pussy is sore. Today it’s asshole only for me. Now my asshole wants this little boy’s dick. Watch me in this 100% full-on anal scene. It’s safe to say, I’ll be taking the day off from fucking tomorrow.

Ava Devine Anal Lube
Ava Devine Anal Lube

I’ll start by lubing up his cock with my mouth. I love to make a dick hard in my mouth. The feeling of it slowly rising, filling up my throat. I spit shine his cock and get my ass ready for penetration. once it’s in, it’s off to the races in my ass. It’s just the pounding I need. Watch my 36DD tits bounce to the rhythmic motion of our fucking.

Ava Devine Anal
Ava Devine Anal
Ava Devine Blowjob
Ava Devine Blowjob

View more of me at my blog. I do it all. I am the true American porn star slut. Most girls in porn have nothing on me. There’s almost nothing I haven’t done for you, my fans. Come over and watch me suck and fuck anything with a dick or a slit. My girlfriends and I have a lot of fun that you can participate in! Live shows, cam shows and access to multiple live appearances await you when you become a member of Ava Devine. Brought to you by PornStar Platinum.

Afternoon Fuck Break

Ava Devine Interracial big tits

Ava Devine Interracial big black cock blowjob

Yesterday was a really busy day and it all started with a fuck break with my friend, Prince Yahshua, who loves to treat me like the whore I am. First he stuck his big black cock in my mouth and made me suck it. When he was hard, he just pounded my pussy with his huge black cock, then he shoved his dick in my mouth to clean my pussy juice from his dick. It seemed that every time he changed positions, I had to clean off his cock. Finally, he pounded my asshole. Then, he pulled his cock out of my ass and shoved it down my throat so I could clean the ass juice off his dick. After that, he dumped a huge load of creamy cum down my mouth as my reward for a job well done.. Needless to say, after swallowing that big load I was a happy slut!

Ava Devine Interracial fuck
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Reverse Glory Hole

big tit Ava Devine blowjob ralph long

big tit Ava Devine riding big cock

Hey guys I wanted a big cock to suck and wondering who I should call when I remembered one of my friends telling me about this glory hole I think i have been there before. I wasnt there long when Ralph happened to come in to piss. I put my lips in the hole and it was not long before I had Ralphs big hard cock in my mouth. But we didnt stop there this is hot real hot. See I was clever cause I started out on the other side of this glory hole. I mean what guy would not put his dick in a hole with beautiful lips waiting for him inside the hole. Heck his cock was already out taking a leak. And by the time it was all over it was not Piss coming out of Ralphs cock hole it was something nice and warm and milky.

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Anal Party

Ava Devine Sexy Vanessa Claudia Valentine big tits

Ava Devine Sexy Vanessa Claudia Valentine lesbian

Last Saturday night, I had a party with two of my friends, Claudia Valentine and Sexy Vanessa. We all had our favorite dildos when we piled on my new king size bed. After stripping, Vanessa and I started to work on Claudia, playing with her pussy and finally inserting a dildo up her tight asshole. We both took turns sucking up her ass and pussy juice. Then we switched, and I was on the receiving end of dildos and tongues up my asshole and pussy. Finally, we switched again with Claudia and I doing Sexy Vanessa. Finally, with our assholes and pussies satisfied, we all kissed and I drifted off to a really contented sleep, thanks to my friends, Claudia and Vanessa, and their trusty dildos and tongues.

Ava Devine Sexy Vanessa Claudia Valentine rimjob lesbian

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