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Ava Devine and Sexy Vanessa Pornstar Threesome

Ava Devine and Sexy Vanessa
Ava Devine and Sexy Vanessa Double Team A Dick

You think Jake would have had enough abuse when he ran into Sexy Vanessa a while ago, but he simply loves the abuse. Jake is weak! You know the saying, tie me up, tie me down? Well it’s Jake’s turn today. We are gonna smother him with our tits until he taps out! Watch has we torture the fuck out of this submissive weakling. He really is a pussy! Lets see, we sit on his face, step on his face and beat the crap our of his short fat little dick. Let’s just say we have our way with Jake, every fucking way we want!

Ava Devine and Sexy Vanessa
Ava Devine and Sexy Vanessa Enjoy A Threesome

Watch us rough Jake up in full HD. He’s our little bitch, but he doesn’t bitch about it, such a pussy. Jake is such a pussy, get this, not fucking kidding you here, we made him cum in his own mouth! If there was ever a time to use “LOL”, it’s now. I’m Ava Devine and I approve of this message. I’m also a ginger. Piss off!

Ava Devine and Sexy Vanessa
Ava Devine and Sexy Vanessa Ride On


Ava Devine and Sexy Vanessa
Ava Devine and Sexy Vanessa Three Way

Go drain your 2nd main vein and spend a dollar to see more of my sexed up girlfriends doing some crazy shit. Hit this and get enough wank material for a lifetime. It’s only a buck to try us out, give us a whirl.

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Car Problems

Ava Devine Sexy Vanessa threesome blowjob

Ava Devine Sexy Vanessa ass lick fuck rimjob

Yesterday, I had to return my newly repaired car to the garage, cause it broke down again. I brought my friend, Sexy Vanessa along as I was going to either get my car fixed or kick the mechanics ass! When we first arrived he did not want to fix his mistake and get my car back on the road. So, Vanessa and I provided him with some incentive, we both stripped and showed him our huge tits, and I popped his big cock in my mouth while he sucked Vanessas monstrous tits. Then we both sucked his big dick till he started to fuck Sexy Vanessa’s pussy. While he was pounding her pussy I started to lick his tender asshole and he went wild. That is when he turned around and fucked me hard in my asshole, and then turned his attention to Sexy Vanessas asshole, and filled it with cock. Finally, he shot a big load cum which Vanessa and I shared between us. With a smile on his face, he fixed the car and Vanessa and I drove off with our pussies and assholes satisfied at last.

Ava Devine Sexy Vanessa anal ass fuck 3some

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Ava Devine Sexy Vanessa blowjob cock suck

3 Way Sex Fest with Angelina Valentine!

pornstar Ava Devine Angelina Valentine big tits

pornstar Ava Devine Angelina Valentine strap on fuck

Not much of a interview or story line here folks. Lets just say I start right off the bat by sucking Angelina Valentines big fucking strap-on. Then she fucks me real good. If that isnt enough in walks Wolfe and his cock is ready too! Bring on the big cocks is what I always say! And in this set thats exactly what I got a full dose of. I love cocks, real cocks or strap-on cocks doesnt really matter much to me! See the full scene on my site! Get over there now!

pornstar Ava Devine Angelina Valentine double penetration fuck

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pornstar Ava Devine Angelina Valentine blowjob fuck lesbian

Walking In On Tiffany Starr & Tom!

Ava Devine Tiffany Starr big cock

Well I don’t know if you want to call it walking in, they both new I was cumming! I’m glad I showed up let me tell you. These 2 dirty ones were already at it by the time I got in the bedroom. So I just joined right in. I really enjoyed doing this set, as I got to be with Tiffany Starr a T-girl with her “enlarged clit” & Tom a big cock stud who has blown a load or two in his day! The end of these scene is awesome 2 cum shots on my face for the price of one. Doing a scene like this really gets me hot deep down. It’s not every day I get to be with a T-Girl & a Guy at the same time! Oh & you’ll love Tiffany‘s English accent too I’m sure what a fucking turn on!


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Ava Devine Tiffany Starr tranny blowjobs

Ava Devine Tiffany Starr double penetration