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Ava Devine
How I make $$$:
Filthy Slut
Official Site:
The Official Ava Devine Website Official Site
Ethnicity: Asian / Intalian
Country of Origin: United States United States
Province / State: NY – New York
Place of Birth: Long Island
Date of Birth: January 22, 1974 (37 years old)
Aliases: Karen Little, Ava Devine, Ava Adore
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 163 cm – 5 feet and 4 inches
Weight: 60 kg – 132 lbs
Measurements: 36DD-25-36
Fake Boobs: Yes
Career Status: Active
Career Start And End Unknown – Present
Shoe Size: 8 (U.S. & Canada Women Size) ?
Tattoos: one tattoo on her lower back
Piercings: Both ears
Extra text: In October 2005, she underwent breast reduction surgery, reducing her bust from F cup size to 36DD

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  1. Dude…When are you coming over to the UK? I’m surely your biggest fan this side of the Atlantic, I’ve been waiting patiently for your website…now i think it’s time you get your sweet ARSE over to London. I think your amazing
    B xx

    1. I was in Philly June 1. I love Philly. If I cum back, can we meet there?? I’d love to give you an erotic time.

      1. Hi Ava I heard your apperance on the howard stern show biggest slut contest.Funny and sexy I’d love to meet you if ur ever in L.A. Just so u know I’m good downstairs.Hit me back I’ll send a pic.

      2. Hi Ava. Im a huge fan of yours. I love to watch you perform. I live in Rhode Island and was wondering if you ever come to New York? I doubt that that you come to Rhode Island. None of the big name stars really do. But if you do visit New York I would love to book a session.

      3. Ava, will you marry me! haha your an asian goddess, you dont know how bad i want you ;], come to california sometime , id love to have some erotic fun with you! <3

  2. Wzup Ava, I think your soooooooo fucking sexy and would love to meet you. I’m 24 and been one of your biggest fans since I was 16. Can you let me know when you are going on tour? I would love to meet you! Oh and can you help me out with some advice on how to get into the porn industry? I’m a Film student and I’m trying to start a career in the porn industry. Thank you and please replay.

    1. Hey baby. I am so happy to hear you are a big fan of mine. I love you so much. My tour schedule will be on my blogs. I’d love to meet you and fuck your brains out. I am so horny and hungry for cock. Do you want to be male talent in the porn industry or director? Directing is very hard to get into but male talent is a bit easier. LEt me know??

      1. Thanks for the reply Ava,
        I’m trying to be more the behind the scenes type of guy. I do camera operator, editor, directing all that type of stuff. If you have any helpful information it would be well appreciated! I can’t wait to see you and looking forward to your tour!

      2. id love to be male talent, but i heard rumors of males trying to get in the porn industry they have to do gay scenes an dp first. is that true?

      3. Ava, i don’t even know where to begin to describe why i want you so bad, i’ve been a big fan of yours awhile too, and i would like some advice as well on how to get into the porn industry. I would love to meet you and get to know you and of course i would love if you fucked my brains out ;] <3

      4. I am ur biggest fan and I am crazy about u am 27years old and would love 2 star in a porn movie. Pls my num 08037471232. Pls call me.
        And am nigerian

  3. Hey Ava,

    First of all respect for the most horny pornstar i have ever seen. Me and a friends from Amsterdam are maybe two of the biggest fans you have. At the moment we are in Las Vegas and we hope you would like to join us for night out and finish that with fucking you in all holes. Would u like to come to vegas any of the next days? Let us know how we can book U.

    Love you Ricky

  4. HEY,AVA:
    When are you going to come to DC?I love you so much, I started to watch your movies when I was 16.BTW,I have been dreaming about haveing sex with you, is that possible?what should I do to make it real?

  5. so i just stumbled on your website and i have to say you are a freak, but in a good way. I was just wondering though, if your such a whore how about you pay me to fuck you. ill even take a Hooters gift card i dont care. Just think about it, I’m in the los angeles region so if you would like to meet up and get some drinks and take it from there. warm regards…

  6. Hi Ava – enjoy your site and blog, you are the nastiest slut out there. There is NOTHING I wouldn’t do with you, and I know one day I’ll have the chance to fill all your holes with my cock. I’ve already fucked the hell out of several other porn stars, and you’re at the top of my “To Fuck” list. It will be tough to keep up with your sexual energy, but I’m up for the challenge. Get back to Chicago soon, and cum back often. You’ll be glad you did. Unfortunately I was out of town when you were here a few months ago, but let’s hook up next time!

  7. Hello ava, I just saw you on a video, you’re very hot, it will be nice to meet you. I let my phone number ++41/78/845 42 05

  8. Ava-

    Love your work and always have been a big fan.. I used to direct for Pink Visual and I was an agent for Lighthouse Talent and also Goldstar before Joel went from a semi asshole to a huge asshole. I moved back to Chicago and was wondering if you ever plan on coming here to visit? Would love to meet up sometime and give you some midwestern hospitality..

  9. Hello Ava.

    When are you going to come in France ? I would like meeting you. I’m a big fan of you. I dream to fuck with you and I would like licking your pretty toes and cum above.

    Olivier, a big french fan

  10. hey ava love all your work coming from Long Island!! hope you come back to visit home and remind you why NY is the best!

  11. Hi Ava, you are so fucking hot. I love your movies. My GF and I watch your movies while I fuck her. You turn both of us on so much. When are you coming to Orange County,Ca

  12. Ha Princes!!;)P , When are you gona come to Houston Tx. For a tour? I really want to see you.. do you do private bookings with fans? I was wondering if I can. Get a chance to give you multiple toe curling Orgasams. I” m a cute latino , athletic body and a huge appitate for sex. I love to be in a video with you if possible Princes.. You are so Beautiful girl.. thanks Randy, a very big fan of yours..

  13. Ava Devine… You can be sure that if I hear this name, my cock start growing up. I’m 19 years old, but I can’t find any girl that would give me pleasure like you. I wanna fuck your ass so much, my dream is to stay with you in my house, I wanna marry with you. Then I would fuck your ass and get the greatest blowjob ever done in the world everyday. Anyway, no matter how much I got (talking about money, house, and cars), I don’t think you wanna accept this. =/
    Anyway, a tour on Brazil – Rio Grande do Sul – Campo Bom (country – state – city) would be very nice, then I can show you my house. You can say no to stay with me in my house, like married, but if we can’t do that, can you visit me?

    Kisses and lickies on your mouth, pussy, asshole, feet and tits :*

  14. Hey Ava, I have followed your work and I can honestly say you have the most fire and passion out there. There are others that bring it pretty good but nobody, and I mean NOBODY, can display it like you. Not enough attention is given to that side of your work by fans, but I see it and admire it. There may be some people out there that do not agree with the work you do, but I’m the guy that can see past that and respect the consistent effort you put in during every shoot. Some people write to ask to see you in person, some people write to show there attraction to you, I’m writing to just say thank you. Thank you for bringing that passion on screen coupled with your beauty and continue to be the best!

  15. Hi Ava,

    Hope you’re well? You’ve not tweeted for some time – how come? I’ve missing your updates and pics! :)

    I really hope to meet you one day – that would be a dream cum true..

    John, UK x

  16. Ava have you ever been to Toronto because I like to book 1hr with you or the whole night if you like, pls get back. If you like a Picture I can send it.

  17. Ava, you have been my favorite Star of all time. Started watching you six or seven years ago and haven’t stopped since. Next time you are in the DC area please, please let me know. I would absolutely LOVE to meet you. Its a huge dream of mine. Take Care!


  18. Hey Ava, Just passing by to wish you all the best, I can’t stop watching your videos, your amazing, I wish somedays I could see you. Well have a good night and don’t change your the best. <3 I love you ;D

  19. Ava, you are the most fantastic pornstar. I’m a 27 year old kinky male from Vancouver BC, and I’ve been a fan of yours for a very long time. What I love about you and your work is that you genuinely seem to love what you do and it shows. I love the way you push yourself into new kinks and to a new level. You are gorgeous and sexy and kinky. I would love the chance to meet you and grab a drink someday. Let me know if you’re ever in Van. Or I’ll let you know if I’m ever in Vegas! Keep up the amazing work, I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

  20. Hey Ava how are you doing baby. My name is James Watson I’m from Philly. I wish that I had got a chance to see you. When you were here baby. I’m a little upset about that. But it is what it is so I’m leaving it at that. I’m a big fan of yours Ava I have checked you out on every adult website. I love your adult movies baby I really do. I’m a young black man that has a thing for sexy ass asian women. I love Mika Tan, Max Mikita, Asa Akira, Asia, Holly Woo, Annie Cruz, Katsumi, and Lyla Lei. I love them all I would love to be in a group sex session with all of those sexy asian freaks.

  21. Hello Ava its me your number 1 fan James Watson. Once again just letting you know that. My birthday is on September 11th which is coming up real soon. It would be nice if you can send me a birthday present. I would really appreciate that Ava. I’m a young black man that enjoys watching adult movies. Especially adult movies that you are starring in Ava. My mailing address is 5632 W. Girard Ave 19131. You can send me sex letters and you can also send me naked pictures of yourself. If you would like to call me Ava here is my cell phone number. 215-983-8481 you can call me anytime you want baby. I will listen to everything you have to say Ava.

  22. Hey Ava I’m soon to b 20 years old on sep 19th(Fresh Meat) lol n always wanted to fuck you I just want to kno if that’s possible cuz ur sex drive is just… WOW!!! I want to fuck your pussy mouth and ass n let my load all in your throat on cam or off cam does not matter lol please make my day hit my phone up 7178700480

  23. Ava Devine U Really Should Show more of ur Feet,I have a Fetish!!Wud B Amazing if u Visited South Africa Sometime I’m 21 and I’m Hoping To Fuck A MilF SOON Having U and Shyla Stylez together Would Be a Dream Come TRue My ultimate Scene Wud B Ava Devine,Shyla STylez Lisa Annn,Alexis Golden and Priya Rai all in 1 scene!!!:D Wish I could fuck u I’ve wanked over u so many times

  24. Hi Ava

    I think you’re the sexiest woman and exciting that I have seen in the porn industry.
    I’m dying to see you live and just hear your story and give you my wishes for success in your life.
    I have only 19 years and want you to know that I have a desire endless fuck your body for a day. I have the potential to do that.

    Finally let tell you that I am from South America, I live in Chile. Knowing that you never see around here. I will do everything possible to see in any of your dates.

    Google Translator is my friend for this message.

    Kisses erotics for you.

  25. Hey Ava what is going on with you. I want to let you know that I have been. Having these sexual fantasies about you. It seems like I can’t get you out of my head. You are always on my mind Ava. These sexual fantasies were wild, freaky, kinky, hardcore, crazy, extreme, spontaneous, nasty, dirty, and off the hook. I’m telling you Ava those sexual fantasies were something else. While I was having those sexual fantasies about you Ava. My dick was hard the whole time I was also jerking off. It was awesome baby I was fucking you in all kinds of sexual positions. I was also pulling your hair and slapping your fat ass baby. I was smacking your face while I was pounding away. At that tight fat pussy of yours Ava. I put my hands around your neck and I started choking you. I had your body aching in pain and pleasure. I was putting it down on your fat ass baby. I’m just letting you know Ava you are definitely. The woman of my sexual fantasies. I hope that one night those sexual fantasies. Can come into reality I promise you Ava I will show you a good time.

  26. Hi Ava,

    I would like to invite u to switzerland. Please let me know how we could arrange an appointment to meet for 3 or 4 days. You got my mail! Thank you very much in advance. Take care

  27. hey ava
    my names gary i was wondering are you ever planning on doing a tour in canada
    i gaurntee im your biggest fan in canada
    is it possible to do a scene with you that would be amazing and a life long memory im not a male adult star but i would do it just to do a scene with you id would be special too because i could be the first east indian to do a scene with you well i hope to hear back from you soon
    oh ps im young but legal 😛

  28. Ava, I remember watching your porn videos when I was still in high school. I’m a little more grown now, and I’ve always had a nice big meaty stick ever since i was a boy. With that said I feel like it still has grown bigger, and you always arouse me so deeply. I love your huge tits, big ass, and that you’re a woman with a kinky appetite for cock. I’m not to faraway from showman condition, and I’d love to make multiple movies with you: one for anal, and at least another for a hot blowjob.

  29. Hola ava
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  30. Hey Ava, I just wanted to let you know that I think you are incredibly sexy. I just found out about you very recently, and I’m so glad I did! This may be a bit blunt, but I could watch you suck cock for hours. I love the way you say all those dirty things while you do it. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to look down and see those perfect lips wrapped around me. I’d cum buckets, girl. Anyway, keep up the great work!

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  32. Hi, Miss ava i am big fan of yours..i am 21 and still virgin…But i would love to lose it with you and i would love to put my Asian cock in your wet pussy…i was wondering are you ever planning on doing a tour in Australia?.If you do come to Australia let me know..pls reply miss Ava..

  33. hello ava.

    we hope you read this…..we are a couple from austria and we are big fans of you.

    perhaps you want make some days holliday and visit us.

    we can send you pics when you send us a email.

    wish you all the best.

    sabrina and florian

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  35. Hello there beautiful. I would love to have a wild encounter with you real soon! Will you be near Northern Va. or DC at all in the near future? Email me back gorgeous, I have wild ideas!

  36. hi ava i just wont to say that i think u are one sexy bitch. when r u in the UK next cause i would love to me u and lick that sexy ass and pussy of urs and u can lick my ass. LET ME KNOW LOVE U

  37. Hey what up baby how are you doing. I want you to know that. You are one sexy ass asian woman. I have a lot of love for you. You are one of the greatest. Adult actresses of all time in the adult entertainment industry. You give great performances in sex scenes. I like how you give blow jobs. It is off the hook how you do it. You are a very sexual woman. You just want to fuck at the drop of a hat. I like that I need a woman like you. You have to come back to Philly. I know that you have been here before. Ava you need to get in contact with me.

  38. Hey Ava what up baby. I would like to wish you a Happy New Year. I hope that this year will be the year for you. I know that you had a lot of sexual fun last year. 2012 is definitely going to be more fucking and sucking. I definitely would like to see you. We really need to hook up Ava. You probably never had a cheese steak. Here in Philly if you come back. I will show you the best place. To get a good Philly cheese steak. Call me Ava I will give you my cell phone number. Here it is baby 215-983-8481. Please call me baby I will make sure that I pick up the phone. You can call me anytime Ava. We can talk about all the nasty dirty sex. That we can have with each other. If you want to send some naughty sex letters. And some naked pictures of yourself. I will give you my mailing address. Here it is Ava James Watson 4121 Baring St. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 19104. Ava you can send me all of those nasty, naughty, dirty, kinky, freaky, and sexual letters. You want to baby I will read every single one of those letters. Take care of yourself in 2012.

  39. My Dearest Ava,
    I realize that you must get and read these types of things all the time, but I would love to meet you anyway that I can. I want to worship you like the goddess of unparralelled sexuality that you are. You are a beautiful, sexy, passionate woman and I want nothing more than to make you smile and feel good all over. I have been a very big fan of yours ever since I could remember, and I fantasize about doing so many sexy and nasty things with you. I live in connecticut and I know that you are a very busy woman with a very full schedule, so I know you can’t come here right away. I also know that you love and care about your fans more than anyone and that you love to make us happy. I’m willing to do anything to meet you and if I did, I would make you feel like the queen that you are. I’m very serious about meeting you and I hope that you get back to me soon so that we can set something up. I hope to hear from you soon and I love you forever. Take care sweetheart.

  40. Hi Ava! Im going to Miami Beach from Jan 26 til Jan 30 and I would LOVE to meet you and have a nice sex time together if you are there. I’ll be waiting for your answer. Kisses everywhere haha

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  43. Hello there my name is Ryan. you are the best boy toy to have graced mother earth…
    I would like to book to see you tomorrow or tonight I am available any time.
    If I could securely book a time that would be grate.
    I know its late but I have only just become aware that you are touring Sydney.
    I live 25 minutes from CBD so wouldn’t take me long to get there.
    This is a genuine booking request.
    Looking forward to your reply

  44. Whats up Ava, i just wanted to say that your the most sexiest and gorgeous lady i ever seen! I love your videos and every thing about you! I would love booking a session witchu, email me?

  45. Hi Ava, can I please send you pictures of my dick? I’m dead serious, it’s a “realizable” kink I have. Please mail me back!

  46. Ava, hi u know i am an African and want to be in the movie industry…..please advice me on how and where to seek help.please reply me via ma mail….i need these reply. despite u are a gal, u are ma mentor

  47. Hello Ava its me James Watson. I want to let you know. That I have always had. A huge crush on you I’m really being honest with you. You are one of the sexiest. Asian woman on the planet earth. You are blessed with natural beauty. Ava you have a nice sexy body. I love those big soft juicy tits of your baby. I just want to put my face. In between those big soft perky tits of yours. I would love to massage those. Big ass titties of yours Ava. I want to caress those big titties. I want to rub those big titties. I want to kiss those big titties. I want to lick those big titties. I want to slap my rock hard dick on those big titties. I want to suck on those big juicy soft nipples of yours. I want to bust a huge nut on those big titties. Ava you really need to get. In contact with me baby. I will gladly give you my cell phone number. Here it is 215-983-8481 call me anytime you want Ava. I will make sure that I pick up the phone.

  48. Ava, I enjoy your movies and fantasize about fucking you. Next tour include Cleveland OH or Little Rock AR. I always wanted to be a talent an eventually start my own company.

  49. Scum like most porn starts, a big time liar…. Nympho at heart, yeah, right, money rulz, who do u think ure foolin? Still wearing daipers, darling?

  50. hey ava been jerking off to your films since high school would love to set up a one on one with you in woodland hills,ca how can we set this session up?

    love to hear from you


  51. hello Ava
    i am a big fan off you and i love youre movies i wonder when do you ever go on tour in europe it would be very nice to meet you .
    I am from amsterdam Holland and i would love to show you around the wonders off amsterdam

  52. Ava,

    I have been a fan of yours for some time now … can you tell me if you’ll ever step into the realm of kink again. I really enjoyed the scenes of you for pissmops and REALLY like the PornInfidelity scene you shot a while ago … will you ever do watersports again?

  53. To be completely honest, I don’t even like porn but i can’t stop watching you Ava. I’m 19 year old college student and i would love to meet you. If we meet we don’t even have to have sex, i would not mind just talking to you. Maybe we can grab lunch or dinner one day? Ever since i got to watch a clip of your one of your videos, i became a fan.. Take Care!

  54. Ava,

    Huge fan throughout the years! One of my fave things i’d love to see you do, even though it doesnt work so well for the porn cameras, is take some cumshots while deepthroating! I love when girls do that and just act like it was their job and go about their business. PLEASE think about doing that in any of your future films!! It’s so hot.

  55. hey ava, I’m in love with you ehehe, im 22 and ive been one of your biggest fans since i was 15, i live in philadelphia, when r u coming to town, i would love to schedule an appointment with u :)
    happy holidays btw, bye

  56. Hey Ava! I think you’re great. I watch your videos all the time and no one else can do it for me like you do. Let me know when you’re in NYC next! would love to meet up with you and book a session!

  57. Ava You Are The Most Beautiful Woman In The World. I Love Watching Your Movies. On A Scale Of 1 to 10 how ticklish are your feet. You have the sexiest feet and gorgeous body.

  58. Ava, You are a incredible, gorgeous woman I’d luv to meet you. I live in Las Vegas and have an incredible oral fixation. i’d enjoy licking you all over.
    you’re the best!

  59. Ava,

    I’m 26 years old and considering a breast augmentation. Would you mind if I ask you a quick question?

    Do you ever regret getting your breasts enlarged? I’m just trying to weight the pros and cons, and figured I might as well ask someone with experience.

    Any advice would be much appreciated!

    Thanks so much,

    P.S. I think you’re absolutely beautiful!

  60. Hi Ava, I just wanted to say what a fan I am of yours. I love your photos and videos. You are such a sexy and beautiful woman. You must be so much fun to be with all the time and any man would be so lucky to be with you. I have been following the greats in the adult entertainment industry for a long time and I can say for sure you are a hall of famer. I want to thank you so much for all the entertainment and joy you have brought me by sharing your beautiful self with us fans.

  61. hola ava eres una diosa, quisiera correrme en tus senos, en tu boca, tienes una tetazas enormes que me vuelven loco asi como un tremendo culo, que hasta te besaria tu ano. cuando vienes a Peru? a visitarme

  62. Hi Ava!

    So much of a fan like 100% of these guys – but would love to meet you. Are you coming to NYC soon? Tall, dark and handsome guy with a bit of European and African 😉

    You rock!

  63. Hey Ava,

    fellow Long islander here also! You’ve been my favorite porn start since i started watching porn as a little guy aha! Would love to meet you whenever your back on long island or even in NYC! It be a dream cum true for sure 😉

  64. My birthday is March 23, and I would love to fuck your holes as a birthday present to myself.
    I understand you’re traveling and may not be available at that time. I’ll take you whenever I can have you and your holes.


    E. Mellow

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