Massacred By Prince!

Ava Devine nude

Prince Yahshua a big cock stud who I have know for sometime now, invited me over to his producers place for a scene. I didn’t refuse. Prince wanted to really interview me, “The Legend” as he called me, but come on, your going to walk on set with just a towel around your waist & a big black cock dangling under your towel right in front of me? No way, I just took to that black meat real fast & the rest was interracial hardcore history. Let me tell you, I have done a lot of adult scenes & have also watched a lot of porn, this scene is unreal, Prince Yahshua & his big black cock massacred the fuck out of my mouth and pussy and ass. To say I was choked in this scene would be a understatement!

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Prince Yahshua Ava Devine fucking choke
Prince Yahshua Ava Devine cum facial

2 thoughts on “Massacred By Prince!

  1. Everyone is looking for that pie in the sky. Some may secrah their lifetime trying to find someone better then their greastest lover. Only when they are put to rest is the question finally anwsered. He or she was the one.

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