AvaDevine.com is live!!

Hey Fan and Friends

Just wanted to let you guys know that my brand new website is LIVE, and I promise you that it will be the dirtiest, most nasty, and sexiest site any pornstar has ever put on the internet!!

Keep checking and you can see what the day to day life a of a true, filthy sex addict slut like me (pornstar Ava Devine) is like. AllĀ  of xxx movie, videos, and pictures on this site are 100% exclusive to www.avadevine.com, can’t be seen anywhere else, and are all shot in stunning HD quality.

If you want, to get in on all of the action, you will have to…


7 thoughts on “AvaDevine.com is live!!

  1. Dear Ava you are the ultimate filthy fucking whore and I know that is a high compliment for you there are many excellent whores in porn but there needs to be more. I would to love to see you start a whore training school that would be a gigantic help for the world of hardcore. There is so much new cunt that comes into porn and have no idea how to whore properly. Well keep up the good work you are such a beautiful whore.

  2. hi ava coming to vagas got 2 dvds today and looking to meet the real thing honey dont let moral idoits get in the way of a good time xx big bad russ frmoz

  3. I’m sure that you will keep your promises and I’m glad that you exist. I love you and I’m glad fo you.

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