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Ava Devine and Sexy Vanessa Do It Again Tuesday 8/20 4PST

In case you missed Sunday’s Ava Devine / Sexy Vanessa free webcam show for members, they are bringing it back one more time by popular demand. We have good news for you: Ava Devine and Sexy Vanessa do it again Tuesday 8/20 4PST!! Free for their official site members!!

Ava Devine and Sexy Vanessa

Ava Devine and Sexy Vanessa Double Team A Dick – you can see this and more great stuff live one webcam this Tuesday!!

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Eva Devine’s webcam shows are always wet and wild. Throw the energetic Sexy Vanessa into the mix and you have a sure-fire good time that may leave you with a case a carpal tunnel!! You will not want to miss this one!!

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Look Forward To Another Free Ava Devine Live Webcam Show 6pm PST on Thursday 2/21

Ava Devine members can look forward to another Free Ava Devine Live Webcam Show 6pm PST on Thursday 2/21. If you are not a member you can see her and all of the other Pornstar Platinum Webcam Shows if you simply JOIN HERE!.

Here is a not pic from here last update: Update in “Getting My Asshole Stuffed“. Look for more from this great anal update on this blog shortly.

Ava Devine Anal

Ava Devine Anal

You can also catch here shows on Streamate as a pay-per-minute. The best way to stay abreast of the show schedule is to bookmark our calender page or follow us on Twitter.

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Resheduled Ava Devine Members Webcam Wednesday1/9/13 @ 7:30pm PST

Sorry guys, I had some technical issue with my last show, I hope you will forgive me…

Pornstar Ava Devine big titsI’m a nasty slut, and I never like to leave my members or fans hanging, so I’d like to schedule a new private show Wednesday1/9/13 @ 7:30pm PST.

ava devine webcam show

Free Ava Devine Webcam Show – Wednesday1/9/13 @ 7:30pm PST

Sorry about the technical glitch in today’s show, it was beyond our control.

We will make it up to you 1/9.

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Tour dates

Hey everyone, I’m hoping you are enjoying my site! I have new tour dates:
Sept 20-21 San Francisco ( near SFO airport)
Oct 1-4 nyc
Oct 8-10 Chicago (downtown)

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Love Ava

Ava Devine at Foxy Reviews

Have a look at Ava Devines page at Foxy Reviews. You are going to like it a lot guys, I am sure. It lists her pictures, movies and much, much more. First of all when you visit the page you have on the left her videos which you can watch for free, below that Ava’s picture galleries and to the right you have the links, the first set are for all the porn networks she is on, which is quite a lot and the second set for more galleries of her at other paysites. As you can see Foxy Reviews is pretty obsessed with Ava and like her quite a lot. Just visit the site, do what you got to do and have fun. Some of Ava’s best work is featured here and you are very, very close to accessing it all of course for free.

Of course a free picture of Ava getting fucked in her pussy for all of you to enjoy.
Ava Devine

Ava Devine Anal Fisting Video and Pics

pornstar ava devine anal fistingI am going to ignore the webcam so I can really get off, please have fun as you watch. I put my whole hand up my ass. It feels so good, then I use my dildos to ass fuck myself. I work it so hard it feels so good. I fucking cum hard, so will you.

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Aug 20

Okay, so like I’ve said, I’ve been busy giving my all to my sexcapades. I’m in San Jose right now, getting ready to see this hung black dude tomorrow afternoon. I am in my hotel room, finally unwinding. Reminiscing about this fabulous week.

Aug 20, in Las Vegas, I get the rockin’ opportunity to shoot w/ my girl, TS Carmen Moore for our websites. She is so sweet and so ridicously sexy. My great friend Damien shot us. I am so in my comfort zone w/Damien because he brings out the skankiness in me. W/him, I just like to get wild and take control of whatever dick he places in front of the camera. My energy level is high and I want to get slutty w/Carmen. As we are taking our pretty girl photos, I can smell her sweet body and honeysuckle asshole. I am going crazy because I know behind her tight panty is a raging hard on!! As her and I began to kiss each other w/ out wet tongues, my cunt start to twitch. THis means, I need to get penetrated so I can orgasm. I begin to feel her up and down. I am squeezing on her big, fake tits and rubbing her she-male cock. I am in sheer pleasure. I pull her panties down and its on. I’m sucking her dick like a malnourished cock fiend. Just devouring it until it hits the back of my throat repeatedly. I then munch on her asshole. I am licking and tongue fucking it, like it’s a pussy. She busts out w/an enormous black dildo. She buries it in my ass for photo stills. I’m gyrating like crazy, but must calm down because this is just for the photos, we haven’t even started filming yet. Finally pics are finito. Long story short, we had an awesome scene. I cannot tell you too much because you need to watch our scene!!!

I get home from shooting. My friend w/benefits calls me and plans on taking me to dinner and club Vanity, at the Hard Rock Hotel. I gladly obliged to meet him. Dinner was fantastic. The club scene isn’t my style. I looked around the entire club and wished it was a sex club. I wanted to pull all the dicks out and let the guys, girls there to start fucking me and each other. Everyone was having a great time but not I! I had visions of fornication going on, forget about the dancing. But I finally got mine at 5a.m. I brought my friend home and started to make out passionately. We were naked and he rubbed his dick all over my pussy. I wouldn’t let him stick it in just yet. I wanted to saturate his cock w/my saliva by giving him some deep throat action he loves. I’m bobbing on his dick when he picks me up and makes me sit on his dick. He’s leaning up against my headboard. I’m riding him like a thoroughbred horse! He’s begging me to cum on his cock. I was off to the races and came all over him. He flips me over onto my stomach and pumps my ass as he puts all his weight on top of me. My asshole was so wet from my pussy cum dripping, he pounds me harder and harder. FInally, he busts deep inside of me. It was so fucking sexy.


I fucking love all my fans. Even though, I do not tend to my emails, blogs, comments, etc., because I am so sexually active and extremely busy trying to make ends meet; I wanted to let you all know I would be nothing w/out you. I am not a snob or ignore my fans, I just give my all into fucking on an everyday basis, I am beat when the night cums around. I truly love you guys and wanted to write a little something to let you know. I believe I am still doing the 200 anal gang bang on a different date now, so I’m hoping I will get a great response and have volunteers. I am doing this gang bang because I am so fucking horny, I need so many dicks in my ass. I want to allow my fans to take a stab at my asshole and help me accomplish having the world’s largest gang bang. It is such a fantasy of mine, to have so many people w/dicks (trannies, dudes) fuck me. I am so excited!! But back to you guys, I am so blessed to have you all be part of my life and carreer. I don’t know how to thank you?? I am forever grateful to all my fans, each and every one of you. I will never discriminate or judge, I will love you unconditionally. Hell, the freakier, weirder, the better!!

Love Ava