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Hello everyone,

THank you for making a success!! I’m so pleased how many members are still enjoying to jerk off to me!! I love fucking so keep up the jerking, it makes me work harder!! Now, if any of you would like one on one personal attention, then meet me when I’m in a city near you!!

Believe it or not, I am currently in Australia. I’m chilling and ready to FUCK some AUSSIE cock!!

Feb 6-9 Brisbane
Feb 10-14 Sydney
Feb 15-20 Perth

March 8-10 Long Island, Garden CIty. Can be seen w/ Sexy Vanessa
March 12-15 NYC, Manhattan. Can be seen w/Sexy Vanessa
March 19-20 Downtown Philadelphia. Can be seen w/Sexy Vanessa
March 22-23 Downtown Washington, DC
March 26-27 Downtown Chicago. Can be seen w/Sexy Vanessa

Book a date w/me by emailing my Fantastic assistant, Rhonda at

Don’t worry, if we cannot meet these dates, I’ll be back around. I love fucking my fans very much. I am a cock junkie and need my fix!! Also please continue watching because there will be more hot sexy scenes to cum.

Love Ava