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Reverse Glory Hole

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Hey guys I wanted a big cock to suck and wondering who I should call when I remembered one of my friends telling me about this glory hole I think i have been there before. I wasnt there long when Ralph happened to come in to piss. I put my lips in the hole and it was not long before I had Ralphs big hard cock in my mouth. But we didnt stop there this is hot real hot. See I was clever cause I started out on the other side of this glory hole. I mean what guy would not put his dick in a hole with beautiful lips waiting for him inside the hole. Heck his cock was already out taking a leak. And by the time it was all over it was not Piss coming out of Ralphs cock hole it was something nice and warm and milky.

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Anal Party

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Last Saturday night, I had a party with two of my friends, Claudia Valentine and Sexy Vanessa. We all had our favorite dildos when we piled on my new king size bed. After stripping, Vanessa and I started to work on Claudia, playing with her pussy and finally inserting a dildo up her tight asshole. We both took turns sucking up her ass and pussy juice. Then we switched, and I was on the receiving end of dildos and tongues up my asshole and pussy. Finally, we switched again with Claudia and I doing Sexy Vanessa. Finally, with our assholes and pussies satisfied, we all kissed and I drifted off to a really contented sleep, thanks to my friends, Claudia and Vanessa, and their trusty dildos and tongues.

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Car Problems

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Yesterday, I had to return my newly repaired car to the garage, cause it broke down again. I brought my friend, Sexy Vanessa along as I was going to either get my car fixed or kick the mechanics ass! When we first arrived he did not want to fix his mistake and get my car back on the road. So, Vanessa and I provided him with some incentive, we both stripped and showed him our huge tits, and I popped his big cock in my mouth while he sucked Vanessas monstrous tits. Then we both sucked his big dick till he started to fuck Sexy Vanessa’s pussy. While he was pounding her pussy I started to lick his tender asshole and he went wild. That is when he turned around and fucked me hard in my asshole, and then turned his attention to Sexy Vanessas asshole, and filled it with cock. Finally, he shot a big load cum which Vanessa and I shared between us. With a smile on his face, he fixed the car and Vanessa and I drove off with our pussies and assholes satisfied at last.

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