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Teaching Brandon A Thing or Two

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Brandon, my neighbor’s son, came by today wanting to know if I was planning to still go to the neighborhood watch meeting. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen him & let me tell you he has grown up a lot. Of course I let him in even though I was on my way out the door, you know I always have something dirty on my mind! After bs-ing with him for a couple minutes, I broke the news to him that no, I’m NOT going to some stuffy, goody two shoe neighborhood meeting! Hell I don’t really care about that shit, I mean I have swing parties here all the time! Brandon still young and naive had no clue to what a swing party was. Well sit back & watch me give this young man a little prerequisite lesson on what the fuck goes on at swing parties! He will never be the same again!

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Teaching Jayla a Thing or Two!

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So I’m here with my step daughter Jayla Starr in a soapy tub, to teach her about the birds & the bees, or tits, toys, cocks & asses! See Jayla‘s real mother is a fucking prude & has deprived this poor girl of any sexual teaching & experimenting. Well I’m around now & I wont have any of that. So after a little of this & a little of that, who walks in but her father John. After some coaxing we got John involved too for some real in the tub taboo style, what a blast we had. So now Jayla Starr can go out into the real word & not be so insecure about sex! She can now suck & fuck any cock she wants!

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Fucking my Husbands Best Friend

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My husbands best friend John stopped by out of the blue, while I was waiting for my husband to come home, and of course he was late again! So I started talking to John & he had some pretty interesting & quite frankly earth shattering news to tell me! My husband has been having a fucking affair behind my back! John is Tom’s best friend but he really felt bad for me & is really pissed off at my husband for what he has been doing to me. So both myself & John thought, fuck lets turn this video camera on my husband & I were suppose to use & give Tom a little taste of his own medicine! Wait till he sees this that fucking loser husband of mine, motherfucker that he is!

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Happy New Year 2012!

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Here is a special New Years update, please enjoy! I hope & I know 2012 will be filled with plenty of fun, nasty dirty sex, plenty of masturbation, lots of fucking, lot of cum squirting for both me & everyone watching this! Cheers to a happy, health & blessed 2012! So now the video, please sit back & enjoy as you stroke in the New Year with me! Thank you for a great 2011! 2012 will be even better with lots more sexy exclusive updates you will only be able to find on my site. Cum share them all with me as I do my best to make you cum all year long.


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