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Kelly Leigh And Me On A Big Black Cock!

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I’m here with non other then porn veteran Kelly Leigh, we go back a long way. I always love doing hot scenes with her! She has a sexy body that I love to get my hands on. Please watch as we start on the couch, hardly dressed & continue on the couch when our big cock stud arrives! I had a great time sharing his big black cock with Kelly, she is a nasty girl just like me! You are in store for a real wild G/G/B set so please start jerking your cock!

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Do It Yourself Anal Style!

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Please feast your eyes on this hot new anal solo set as I pull out all the stops on this one. As you will see I have plenty of cum toys all piled on my bed, oh how I wish you were here with me! Anyway please pleasure yourself as I show these sextoys in my mouth hole, asshole & pussy hole for you! You will only find this & all my other scenes here exclusively at!

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Massacred By Prince!

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Prince Yahshua a big cock stud who I have know for sometime now, invited me over to his producers place for a scene. I didn’t refuse. Prince wanted to really interview me, “The Legend” as he called me, but come on, your going to walk on set with just a towel around your waist & a big black cock dangling under your towel right in front of me? No way, I just took to that black meat real fast & the rest was interracial hardcore history. Let me tell you, I have done a lot of adult scenes & have also watched a lot of porn, this scene is unreal, Prince Yahshua & his big black cock massacred the fuck out of my mouth and pussy and ass. To say I was choked in this scene would be a understatement!

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Walking In On Tiffany Starr & Tom!

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Well I don’t know if you want to call it walking in, they both new I was cumming! I’m glad I showed up let me tell you. These 2 dirty ones were already at it by the time I got in the bedroom. So I just joined right in. I really enjoyed doing this set, as I got to be with Tiffany Starr a T-girl with her “enlarged clit” & Tom a big cock stud who has blown a load or two in his day! The end of these scene is awesome 2 cum shots on my face for the price of one. Doing a scene like this really gets me hot deep down. It’s not every day I get to be with a T-Girl & a Guy at the same time! Oh & you’ll love Tiffany‘s English accent too I’m sure what a fucking turn on!


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