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Dick Sucker!

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ava devine blowjob

I always fuck in my scenes, & yes I usually give my partners blow jobs too! But in this great exclusive HD scene you will get to mostly see me performing fellatio on a big long cock! I love cock so why not, I need cock & I’ll take it on camera anyway it cums! Watch this long rod rock my world & my mouth as I show you all how it’s done! I want cock every second I’m awake & when I’m asleep I dream about massive hard cocks!



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Hot Scene With Carmen!

Ava Devine Stripping

Ava Devine Carmen T-girl

It’s been so long since I have been with Carmen Moore & I’m glad to be back with her. She is one of my favorite T-girls ever. Carmen had a ton of work done on her already hot body. Watch as I give her a good looking over hehehe! This is one hot fucking scene, another great set to jerk off too! Her and I play with a huge black dildo and take turns blowing it then she fucks my ass with it! I bet you will cum several times before you are even halfway into watching this full scene on my exclusive site! I love Carmen Moore I hope you do too!
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Treated Like Whore By Ralph & Chad!

Ava Devine 3some choke

Ava Devine 3some double penetration

Whenever these 2 young rods are lurking around my producers set they are always trying to get into my panties. Always talking shit how one day they will both fuck me on camera! Well on this day they got there fucking wish! Watch as they thrown my filthy ass down on the bed and bang me, fuck me, and choke me with their hard young cocks! Would I do it again with these 2 filthy animals? Well yes of course! LOL! If you are looking for the typical porn scene with interview first, forget it! It’s hardcore nasty action from the very start to the very fucking filthy finish!

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Sexy Vanessa & The Fucking Machine!

Ava Devine Sexy Vanessa

Ava Devine Sexy Vanessa nude
I simply love this Latin MILF she is just what her names says, SEXY! Latin’s just have that lil extra something I love & it’s called passion. I just love it when I get to be with her & beg her to talk dirty latin to me. Watch this exclusive set as I introduce this hot lil Latin mom to the fucking machine! We set up on the deck hear the pool, dressed in hot sexy wear and plenty of lube! After fooling around for a very short time, very short (I went straight to her ass), I turned that fucking machine on and went to town on her! Please enjoy this very hot HD set with my friend Vanessa, sexy she is!

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