Monthly Archives: June 2011

Fri night in LA

I drive in and feeling kind of tired. My Italian Stallion friend from many years ago calls me up. I go to his house and he makes me bring my fishnet body stocking w/these vinyl thigh high boots. I have to wear that or he will not see me. SO done deal, I have my gear on and cum to his door and we immedialtely tongue each other down. He plays w/my wet, juicy pussy so I yank his dick out of his pants to bend over and start sucking it!! I am on fire because he starts telling me what a fuckin’ whore I am and I am his fave whore! I go crazy and pull him into his bedroom. He jerks his dick as I get on his bed to fuck myself w/ a huge blk dildo. He’s jerking his dick in amazement as I take the dildo so deep in my ass. I beg for him to stick his cock in my mouth and face fuck me before he enters my love canal. He starts face fucking me and plays w/my swollen clit. I’m ready to burst because he’s rubbing on it so sensually while his dick is in my mouth. He’s talking so filthy to me, telling me what a horny, fuck slut I am. I’m begging to get fucked as I ram the dildo deeper and harder in my ass. Calling me names such as tramp, whore and slut, he rubs his dick on my face. He couldn’t take the begging anymore, so he climbs on top and forces me to cum. Easily done, since I was already at the edge. I cum and grind my pussy into his pelvis, which in turn makes him cum all inside of me.

Cum slut

I just can’t get enough cock and cum!!  I’m in Atlanta and feeling very horny.  I came  3x today but still not satisfied.  It’s not so much the need to climax anymore, but I have the need to be filled up in every hole.  The night is young.  WHo knows what the night has in store?  My pussy and asshole is quivering and my mouth is salivating.  I need more, I need a hard shaft thrusting in and out of my orifices.  I need to be plugged up.  My gaping wet holes are dying to be packed up w/hard dick!  I will patiently wait and keep you updated!!  If all else fails, I have a wonderful dildo to masturbate with!!!

Boston June 13-14

im in Boston feeling very cock hungry! I jerked off 2boston boys on the plane ride last night! My tits were hanging out n they said I looked like a whore! I was so horny bc once the lights went down, our hands were all over each other. I had spooge all over my hand and my blanket. Their dicks were so hard, my hand just grabbed on n starting stroking! It was very sexy. I need more. If you live in Boston please book a session w/my asst at